Josie Seid welcomes you HERE ON THIS BRIDGE: The -Ism Project

See her monologue, one of six from Theatre Diaspora, February 7-10 at PSU’s Lincoln Hall.

And read the excellent press in Oregon ArtsWatch: “But the tale that sticks with me most is the opener, Seid’s Being Me in the Current America. Being safe and being black, it may not come as a surprise, do not easily coexist.”

Feeling special? Join us at our…

Special Fundraiser Performance at The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza

Entertainment and silent auction

You Ruined My Play or, Svetlana! Svetlana!

by Dan Kitrosser

Starring: Dan Kitrosser & Alissa Jessup

Directed by Josh Hecht

Saturday, Jan. 26: Doors 6:30 p.m., Staged reading 7:30 p.m.

Purchase tickets for $20 or PWYW: Box Office Tickets